In nature, one thing always suggests another: roots and branches are tentacles, dendrites, lightening, systems of transport. A line of rock cropping up is a spine, stegosaurus plates, armor. These connections, combinations of pattern recognition and embedded ancient narratives where the natural world meets the narrative impulse, are the raw materials of my process. One thing becomes another; a round burst of flowery lichen or an acorn cap becomes a moon. A pattern and texture more suited to the wings of a moth covers a bone. If you invert the scattered fungus and decay that spot the golden leaves of autumn, you get stars and nebulae on a background of blue. I take material from the natural world and transform it, meaning changing as the materials change, the real world transformed into an allegorical one.

     Tales From The Fells is an allegorical multiplatform work with deep roots in my own childhood experience and a numinous approach to the natural world. It consists of the construction of a mythical realm populated by large-scale feral creatures and their talismanic objects, made primarily from organic and plant materials. These are then used as installation elements and components in image making. I organize this utilizing a fairy tale framework to provide a particular point of access and as a way focusing on specific concerns, or of triggering connections to previously archived stories. The viewer is given an opportunity, particularly in the outdoor installations, to make further connections through the senses of touch and smell. I invite the viewer to play, to engage, to feel wonder and curiosity, to let the natural world fire their imagination.