Tales From The Fells is an allegorical multiplatform work with deep roots in my own childhood and a numinous approach to the natural world. It is a big, sprawling, ongoing body of work consisting of images, sculptural artifacts, interactive installations, and written stories. To be honest, I struggle with fitting it into a digital navigation. The work begins with the physical construction of a mythical realm populated by large-scale feral creatures and their talismanic objects, made primarily from plant and organic materials. These are then used as installation elements and components in image making. It is forged in the intersection where the natural world meets the narrative impulse.

     I am interested in the primary role of nature in the formation of our core mythologies and fictions, and furthermore in the ways in which specific geographies produce discrete narratives. Myths and fairy tales provide a forum where we may take on life’s primary questions, cultivating insight into every day confrontations with the binary concepts of good and evil, trauma and bliss, suffering and magic. Monsters and other fantastical creatures take on substantial cultural work, allowing us to externalize and contemplate our monstrous side, representing otherness, and forces outside our control. Protectors or destroyers, these creatures straddle the boundaries of our ferocity and our fears and illicit reflection on the complexities of our nature. Through engagement with our fictions, we exercise our imagination, work out solutions, and find hope that difficulties may be overcome.